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Saying Goodbye.

When someone dies, all we remember is the good parts of the person. The negative aspects are automatically hidden away. I guess, the same thing can be said for Rangrasiya. 

No matter what is the current track at the moment, my mind drifts back to the days when I watched the love develop between a bitter man and an innocent girl. How they fought against the attraction that was brewing between them. How they sought to ignore the love which sprung on them, taking them unaware. And how they beautifully accepted it. Atleast Paro did. Rudra took some time.

The story of Rudra & Paro may be a love story like any other. But it was also their love for the other which set them apart. They were a couple so utterly made for the other. So different, yet so alike. Such opposites, yet such equals. They were the epitome of celestial love and shall continue to be.

Paro is one of the bravest women to ever grace Indian TV. She has seen so much tragedy at a young age, and yet she continues to be hopeful, optimistic and believe love shall overcome all. She is untainted by the world, and yet is such a woman of the world. A person who spreads light wherever she goes. A woman who spreads happiness. And all she wants, is a husband who loves her and children and a family. So little for a woman who gives so much. Is there any doubt why she will always be loved?

Rudra is one of the most perfectly flawed men to grace Indian TV. He lived through so much, and was fed drivel about women all his life. So,yes, he grew up a bit misogynistic. The embodiment of masculinity, courage and bravery - Major Rudra Pratap Ranawat was everything. And yet, he had an absence of love in his life. And that was what he most craved and most afraid about. He always knew that Paro was his soulmate, his other half. And he fought against that, as he knew it would break him if anything happened to her. But can one shut away the only source of light in a dark world?

Together, PaRud personified unity. The masculine & the feminine. They were the halves to each other’s souls. They completed each other and us.

Dono mile toy hove, Duniya sari poori.

But a story is made better when each and every character is brought out well. And that happened with Rangrasiya.

From the brooding Devil- Tejawat to beloved Mala

From the silent Danveer to his crazed Mohini.

From the staid Samrat to his  warm Maithali,

From the ludicrous Sumer to his fighter Shatabdi.

From the seductive Laila to the Loyal Aman.

For the happy Sunheri to the wonderful Dhruv & Koel.

Rangrasiya touched our lives. Our souls. And nothing will be the same again.

So, look back at what was and what you want it to be. Let go of the anger. Of the hate. Of everything.

Believe in Paro. In Rudra. In their story. In our story.

Rangrasiya. Hum. Hamesha


"There are no goodbyes for us.  Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart." 

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